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Victims in Virginia Tech massacre

They came to Blacksburg, Va., from all over the country and all over the world. They came to study, and they came to teach. They had plans. They had friends. They had families.

As the list of confirmed victims in Monday’s massacre on the Virginia Tech campus grew, so too did the number of stories about the individuals who fell victim to the gunman, 23 year old Seung Hui Cho of Centreville,cheap jerseys Va.

There were stories of heroism. Students of Liviu Librescu,an engineering science and mechanics lecturer, say he blocked the door of his classroom with his body to protect those inside. Librescu, 76, was a Holocaust survivor.

Ryan Clark, a popular and gregarious member of the Marching Virginians band, was just weeks away from graduation. A resident adviser on the fourth floor of the West Ambler Johnston dorm, Clark came to the aid of a student the morning of April 16. It cost him his life.

Students told of teachers who inspired them. Neighbors spoke of children they’d seen grow up and leave for college, lives filled with promise.

Kevin Granata was one of the top five biomechanics researchers in the country working on movement dynamics in cerebral palsy. He coached his children in many sports and extracurricular activities.

Reema Samaha, a freshman who performed with the school’s Contemporary Dance Ensemble, was shot dead in French class.

Juan Ramon Ortiz, from Puerto Rico, decorated his parents’ one story concrete house each Christmas. A neighbor heard Ortiz’s mother scream when she learned of her son’s death.

Here are the faces, the names and the stories of some of those killed Monday. I’m just trying to keep it together,” she said.

Alameddine was a graduate of Austin Preparatory School in Reading, Mass. “You always made me smile, and you always knew the right thing to do or say to cheer anyone up.”

Lynnette Alameddine said she was outraged by how the events were handled. “It happened in the morning, and I did not hear (about Ross’s death) until a quarter to 11 at night,” she said. “That was outrageous. Two kids died, and then they shoot a whole bunch of them, including my son.”Christopher James Bishop, 35, was an instructor in German and German literature.

Bishop decided which German language students at Virginia Tech could attend the Darmstadt Technology University to improve their German.

“He would teach them German in Blacksburg, and he would decide which students were able to study” abroad, Darmstadt spokesman Lars Rosumek said.

The German school set up a book of condolences for students, staff and faculty to sign, along with information about the Virginia shootings.

“Of course many persons knew him personally and are deeply, deeply shocked about his death,” Rosumek said.

Bishop earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in German from the University of Georgia and was a Fulbright scholar at Christian Albrechts University in Kiel, Germany.

The “fraulein” was Bishop’s wife, Stephanie Hofer, who also teaches in Virginia Tech’s German program.

From 2000 to 2005, Bishop was an academic technology liaison at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, according to WRAL TV.

At Virginia Tech, he also taught classes via the Faculty Development Institute on different computer programs and the use of blogs and other online tools in higher education, WRAL said.

Worthless Wolverine

Professor X tries explaining to Wolverine that his powers are a liability.

Professor X: Wolverine. Cool Guy. Everybody’s favorite. Wolverine—favorite X-Man. Look, I’ve been going over your file and I’ve made the decision to fire you because you are worthless.

Wolverine: What?

Professor X: You’re worthless and you’re fired.

Wolverine: Fired?

Professor X: Let’s add listening to your already impressive list of skills. I’ll put it right next to Made of Metal—the substance that the guy we fight most can manipulate with this mind.

Wolverine: But I’ve got these.

Professor X: Yes, very impressive, also made of metal, but I guess handy for all those fights where you can right next to the person you need to attack.

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