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Darth Vader Piñata T-Shirt

We know it’s your birthday, but really dude? How about giving that light-saber a rest this time? A broomstick and blindfold are kind of traditional here. Oh, maybe you are a bit pissed that we didn’t get the Skywalker piñata… It’s like you’re not even trying to have fun.

See, you can’t win, Darth. Even if you strike this papier-mâché donkey down, it shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine. It will rain a bounty of Tootsie Pops and Smarties. And the younglings will dive about like crazed Jawas, grabbing all the good stuff. You’ll go nuts trying to find one box of Junior Mints. But all that’s left will be some salt water taffy, a plastic whistle and some yucky fruit snacks.

That’s right, Obi Wan has taught me well!

— via headlineshirts

Da Vinci Vitruvian Rock Man T-Shirt

Vitruvian Rock Man

Previously unknown drawings by Leonardo da Vinci have been discovered, revealing the famed artist/inventor/scientist was even more ahead of his time than anyone realized.

“We knew that da Vinci conceived ideas vastly ahead of his own time, including helicopters, tanks, calculators, solar power, and even the theory of plate tectonics,” said da Vinci biographer Irwin Nicholl. “But who knew that list also included cellular phones, hair-metal rock ballads and the Rotisserie Barbeque Platinum 5000 series?”

—via headlineshirts

Dear Colorblind Reader

I (Heart) the Colorblind
I (Heart) the Colorblind

This lovely cotton t-shirt features black banded collar and cuffs and the words “I (heart) the colorblind”. Wearing these stylish threads is a half bearded, half-headed man wearing a tribal-surf wooden neckless with one hand in his pocket.

Special Note:  The Heart has a special message for those that are not colorblind.  And that is why this shirt is funny.  Oh so very, very funny.

Making fun of disability… so classy.

Stop Wars: A Galactic Message of Peace and Breasts

Stop Wars
Stop Wars
It it always nice to see the beautiful Natalie Portman. It is also nice to see Mrs. Portman’s breast being used for good, not evil. What could be better than remixing the Star Wars logo with a message of peace. Peace and breasts? Oh hells yes!

Sadly, this looks to be Natalie’s head photoshopped on to a 15 old boy’s flat chest, by same horny 15 year old. Still a cool t-shirt below a beautiful face. Carry on.