Victim in North Naples homicide identified

A woman found killed Wednesday morning on her back porch has been identified as Concetta “Konnie” Bedell. outside Bedell’s home in the Palm River neighborhood. He said she had a protective order against 44 year old Lawrence MacDonald, a person of interest in the killing.

The woman’s identity has not been released.

It’s the third time in a week Collier residents have awoken to crime scene tape strung up in their neighborhoods after jerseys Wednesday to discuss the recent killings.

Ernie Torres, 25, was shot at his Golden Gate home on Saturday. Joe Godcharles, 48, was found dead by his son at his Golden Gate Estates condo on Aug. 1.

No arrest has been made in the three most recent homicides.

There have been five killings in Collier County this year, and only one has been resolved by an arrest.

A neighbor said an older woman, her daughter, and two grandsons lived at the Flame Vine home, which is owned by Diana Del Duca.

Pete Kloph, who lives across the street, said one of the boys was distraught outside the residence Wednesday morning.

Several neighbors said they hadn’t heard anything amiss earlier in the day, and were only made aware of the crime when detectives canvassed the neighborhood.

Jim McNamara, who lives on nearby Palm View Drive, stood in a driveway several doors down from the Del Duca home as Sheriff’s Office staff ferried brown evidence bags from the residence’s backyard to an agency vehicle on the street.

“Just trying to put two and two together,” said McNamara, who recently moved to Palm River, which he called a calm neighborhood.

Crime scene tape cordoned off the front of the quarter acre Del Duca property, while a 6 foot high fence enclosed the back yard.

The Del Ducas held a garage sale last weekend, neighbors said. Several full black trash bags, a laundry hamper, and other household items remained at the front of the home as investigators walked by it, passing through a gate at the north end of the yard to access the crime scene.

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