Dear Colorblind Reader

I (Heart) the Colorblind
I (Heart) the Colorblind

This lovely cotton t-shirt features black banded collar and cuffs and the words “I (heart) the colorblind”. Wearing these stylish threads is a half bearded, half-headed man wearing a tribal-surf wooden neckless with one hand in his pocket.

Special Note:  The Heart has a special message for those that are not colorblind.  And that is why this shirt is funny.  Oh so very, very funny.

Making fun of disability… so classy.

Stop Wars: A Galactic Message of Peace and Breasts

Stop Wars
Stop Wars
It it always nice to see the beautiful Natalie Portman. It is also nice to see Mrs. Portman’s breast being used for good, not evil. What could be better than remixing the Star Wars logo with a message of peace. Peace and breasts? Oh hells yes!

Sadly, this looks to be Natalie’s head photoshopped on to a 15 old boy’s flat chest, by same horny 15 year old. Still a cool t-shirt below a beautiful face. Carry on.

Keine Kinder Herr Doktor

“Ich kann keine Kinder bekommen”, klagt eine junge Frau beim Frauenarzt.

“Ziehen sie sich bitte aus und legen sie sich dort hin”, sagt der Arzt.

“Aber Herr Doktor”, meint die Frau errötend, “das erste Kind hätte ich eigentlich schon gern von meinem Mann…”

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